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Yardbeast 10hp Wood Chipper Shredder

Yardbeast - 10hp Wood Chipper Shredder

Product Features

  • 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas Engine
  • Chips up to 3in. (76mm) branches!
  • Shreds up to 1/2" dia. branches and leaves.
  • 10 Fullshred high quality flails,
  • 2 Heat treated HRC50 blades
  • Big opening chute for zig-zag branches.
  • Less pruning!

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 245 pounds
  • ASIN: B0031T0R8W
  • Item model number: YB2050RX

Product Description


Get rid of your pile of branches now. Do it so with a high quality and well proven wood chipper. With a Briggs & Stratton 10HP (305cc) engine, there's plenty of power to chip down and shred most of your yard waste. Wet or dry leaves for this workhorse won't make a difference thanks to a its unique flail design. Comfortable to take around you yard.

The YARDBEAST is mobile enough to take it around on its 10inch high wheels. Just balance it on the two wheels and pull almost effortless. Quiet enough. In some other chipper designs the rotor usually is what makes the most noise due to air flow speed and design.

A YARDBEAST won't go more than 104dB when chipping, making it very comfortable to use around your neighborhood.

Design. The YARDBEAST bolted design not only provides better reliability when it comes to fatigue and strength, but it also makes it easy for its parts to be replaced. This is a handyman/pro friendly machine, easy to take apart for fast maintenance or repair. Quality.

The YARDBEAST is well crafted from quality parts and components. The housing is 10-gauge steel, and the rotor weights a massive 32 lbs. It has two heat treated 1095 tool steel blades, helping you stay on track for tens of hours of use thanks to its blade's high durability and superior impact toughness.

For ease of start, YARDBEAST wood chipper shredders also come with professional standard centrifugal clutch and high power transfer belt.

Learning curve. Learning how to use and maintain your YARDBEAST chipper is pretty quick. You will not only find yourself using it to get some productivity out of your garden, but you will get to enjoy using this machine.

See how your pile of branches converts into valuable mulch!.

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