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  2. Afghan (hound) Puppy Potty Training - The Ultimate (AFGHAN PUPPY) House Training Guide!
  3. Australian Cattle Dog: 101 Owning & Training - Your future best friend!
  4. Australian Shepherd [Working Dog & Companion] highly intelligent, versatile stock dog & family pet
  5. Beagle: Owning - Care & Training!
  6. Beagle: (Beagle Puppy Potty Training)
  7. Border Collie - Work Dog & Companion [Training Guide]
  8. Bearded Collie - How to Train & Care for Your Canine Friend!
  9. Boxer Lovers Guide to Health & Obedience [Training and Care]
  10. Bull Dog (Potty Training for Bull Dog Puppies!)
  11. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy ('Go potty' or 'Go pee')
  12. Corgi - Teaching Your New Dog Old Tricks!
  13. Dalmatian Lovers Guide to a Happy & Healthier Well Trained Dog!
  14. Doberman Pinscher - Owning & Training - Loyal Companion & Family Pet
  15. English Mastiff - Owning & Training
  16. German Shepherd - Choosing - Understanding - Caring - Training
  17. German Shepherd - Training A Companion & Useful Worker.
  18. German Short Haired Pointer [Owning & Training]
  19. Great Dane - Owning & Training the Gentle Giant of the Dog World
  20. Irish Setter Lovers Guide - Discover the Secrets that will Guarantee that Your Irish Setter is ...
  21. Jack Russell, a BIG dog in a little dog's body [working dog - therapy dog - friend & pet]
  22. Kelpie - Australian Sheep Dog - Tips/Training and Techniques!
  23. Labrador Retriever Lovers Guide to Care & Obedience Training
  24. Labrador Retriever - Plus 5 Bonus Articles!
  25. Old English Sheepdog -  How to Train & Care for Your Canine Companion
  26. Pekingese (Potty Training a Pekingese Puppy!)
  27. Poodle Lover or Trainer - this book has something for everyone [training & care]
  28. Poodle Puppy Potty Training - Toilet Training Solution for Your New Poodle Puppy!
  29. Rhodesian Ridgeback - Owning & Training
  30. Rottweiler - The dog that will always try to please you!
  31. Rottweiler (Potty Training for Rottweiler Puppy!)
  32. Samoyed: Owning & Training a Samoyed - sledding - mushing - herding - working & companion dog
  33. Siberian Husky - Owning & Training
  34. Yorkshire Terrier - Mans best friend and companion [proper care and training]
  35. All About Dog Breeders - Breeding Dogs - Food & Nutrition!
  36. Dogs Bad Breath and How to Deal With It [Canine Halitosis]
  37. Dog Problems Solved - Training Tips & Techniques + 6 Bonus Articles!
  38. How To House Train Your New Puppy + Bonus!
  39. How To Raise & House Train Your New [puppy] Friend!
  40. Obesity - Weight Loss - Diets for Dogs + 10 Bonus Articles!
  41. Pet Insurance + Bonus Articles!
  42. Treating Your Dog Better + Eight Bonus Articles!
  43. Your Ferret: Tips - Tricks - Training - Health and Feeding
  44. Aussie (australian) Slang - Phrases & Sayings!
  45. KINDLE: How To Start Your Own Book Publishing Empire (Creating Your Own Success)
  46. 19 Different Home Remedies to Choose From
  47. Human Growth Hormone [HGH] The HGH Miracle!
  48. Body Building from the Ground Up - Weight Training & Physical Fitness
  49. Fitness and Exercise - Plus a Surprise Bonus (10 Articles)
  50. 50 Dieting Tips - Weight Loss - Going - Going - Gone!
  51. Kettlebell Weights - Increase Stamina & Fitness.
  52. How to Exercise at Home Without Equipment
  53. Healthier, Happier, Successful [Over 14,800 words & 20 images]
  54. Managing Family Finances for Tougher Times Ahead!
  55. Search Engine Optimization - Make it Work for YOU!
  56. Christmas Games and Fun Activities!
  57. Quickest Way to Generate 100 Product Review Ideas [pre selling tips]
  58. USA - Hyperinflation - All of us have the responsibility to learn about hyperinflation!
  59. Stop "Identity Theft" Now! &... I've included a Bonus!
  60. Website Flipping Tips and Tricks!
  61. Bounty Hunting Basics & Beyond - PLUS 10 'BONUS' Articles!
  62. Sony PlayStation Vita & Games [Review] and 14 Supporting Articles.
  63. Health: 20 Articles Related to Health & Natural Remedies!
  64. Internet Marketing Kickstart
  65. Winning Leadership Qualities - Plus a 'Bonus Book' on Body Language!
  66. That's Incredible - Fun Facts About Our Crazy - Mixed Up World.
  67. Tips about Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy!
  68. T Shirt Printing Business - All There Is To Know About The T Shirt Printing Business
  69. Body Language Signals -  Fully differentiated [including 19 images & Annotates].
  70. Cigar Smoking 101 - Choosing the Right Cigar!
  71. Getting Out & Staying Out Of Credit Card Debt [Consolidate/Reduce/Eliminate Credit Card Debt]
  72. The Power of 10 - Business/Work at Home/Opportunities/Advertising  [10 of Everything]
  73. 100 Self Help - Selling Secrets!
  74. 100 Website Business Models!
  75. 100 Tips for Working At Home Perks & Benefits!
  76. 100 Different Vacation Promo Ideas!
  77. 100 Resell Rights - Selling Formulas!
  78. 100 Tips - Tricks & Techniques for Writing Ads & Headlines!
  79. 100 Website Monetization Secrets!
  80. 100 Product 'Review' Ideas & Pre Selling Tips!
  81. 100 Super Affiliate Tips/ Tricks & Techniques!
  82. 100 Website Flipping Tips & Tricks!
  83. 100 Super Affiliate Tips/ Tricks & Techniques!
  84. 120 Social Media Profile Tips & Techniques!
  85. Coffee Makers (Your education in good taste) 1st in a Series of 2 books
  86. Coffee (An education in good taste) 2nd book in a Series of 2
  87. Green Tea #1 - The Benefits Of Green Tea [Weight Loss]
  88. Green Tea #2 - 'Facts' You Must Know About Green Tea!
  89. Green Tea #3 - Health & Green Tea
  90. Cooking #1 For all occasions & seasons - Plus: [5] Bonus Recipes
  91. Cooking #2 (Where to start - Plus [5] Bonus Recipes!)
  92. Cooking #3 (Skills To Improve Your Cooking - Plus [5] Bonus Recipes!)
  93. Chili Recipes - Making Chili for the Masses!
  94. 30 Cookie & Cake Recipes - Plus 2 Extra Special Bonuses!
  95. Fish Recipes - My Top 35 'Fish' Recipes (Including Images)
  96. Indian Food (Cuisine) Recipes! - Authentic Traditional Indian Recipes!
  97. Gardening (Deciding on the Right Type of Gardening for You!) REPORT
  98. Gardening (Your Introduction to Butterfly Gardening) #1: In a series of 10 Reports
  99. Gardening (Why Container Gardening?) #2: In the series of 10 Reports!
  100. Gardening (Edible Landscapes!) #3: In the series of 10 Reports!
  101. Gardening (The Novice’s Guide to Flower Gardening) #4: In the series of 10 Reports!
  102. Gardening (The Benefits of Growing Your Own Herbs!) #5: In the series of 10 Reports!
  103. Gardening (The Benefits of Organic Gardening) #6: In the series of 10 Reports!
  104. Gardening (An Introduction to Raised Bed Gardening) #7: In the series of 10 Reports!
  105. Gardening (Rock Gardening) #8: In the series of 10 Reports!
  106. Gardening (Rose Gardening) #9: In the series of 10 Reports!
  107. Gardening (Vegetable Gardening) #10: In the series of 10 Reports!
  108. Weddings (Wedding Etiquette) - #1 in the Series!
  109. Weddings (Wedding Favors #2 in the Wedding Series - Including 29 related [theme] images.)
  110. Entrepreneur 1 - What Is An Entrepreneur? #1 in a Series of 2 books
  111. Entrepreneur 2  - Home Business #2 in a Series of 2 books!
  112. Frugal Living for Tightwads: How to Save Heaps - Book #1 in a series of 5
  113. Frugal Living for Tightwads: Do Your Home Work - Book #2 in a series of 5 
  114. Frugal Living for Tightwads: Coupons - Book #3 in a series of 5
  115. Frugal Living for Tightwads - HOW TO - Book #4 in a series of 5
  116. Frugal Living for Tightwads: 44 Things you can do yourself! - Book #5 in a series of 5
  117. Solar Renewable Energy - Facts on Solar Power – the Basics & Beyond!
  118. Cats #1 - History - Care - Health & Breeding.
  119. Cats #2 - Common Health Problems & Solutions
  120. Worm Farming #1 - Your How-to Guide!
  121. Worm Farming #2
  122. Horse Training 'Basics' - The Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Horse Trainer!
  123. Laws of Attraction - Making Your Dreams Come True
  124. Event Planning - The Ultimate Guide
  125. Seduction - Be Yourself - Stress Free, Simple Tricks to Seducing Women


Cover for 'Australian Cattle Dog, Training and Care' Australian Cattle Dog, Training & Care by Ken Dunn

The Australian Cattle Dog Lovers Guide

"Red" & "Blue Heelers"

A herding, stock and working dog.

Price: $8.99 U.S.D.

Cover for 'The 'Boxer' Training and Care' The 'Boxer' Training & Care by Ken Dunn


The Boxer Lovers Guide

Secrets that will Guarantee that Your Boxer is given the 
best upbringing currently available by using these 'Foolproof Methods'

Price: $7.99 U.S.D.

Cover for 'The Poodle Lovers Guide - Training and Care' The Poodle Lovers Guide - Training/Care by Ken Dunn

The Poodle Lovers Guide


Discover Secrets that Guarantee that Your Poodle is given the best upbringing ...
currently available by using these 'Foolproof Methods'

Price: $8.75 U.S.D.

Cover for 'The Mastiff, Owning and Training an English Mastiff' The Mastiff - Owning & Training an English Mastiff by Ken Dunn

The 'English Mastiff' Lovers Guide! 

Mastiffs are good natured, calm, easy going, and surprisingly gentle for their size. 
They are a very sensitive breed, and as such harsh training methods and discipline are not recommended. 
It is a well-mannered house pet, requiring minimal daily exercise and activity. 
The Mastiff is typically an extremely loyal breed, exceptionally devoted to its family.

Price: $7.99 U.S.D.

Cover for 'Labrador Retriever Training and Care' Labrador Retriever Training - Care by Ken Dunn

* What is the difference between a Labrador Retriever and a Retriever? 
* Labrador Retrievers don't shed, do they? 
* How much grooming do they need? 
* Are den Labrador Retrievers hyper? 
* What is "butt-tucking"? 
* Labrador Retrievers are popular, aren't they? 
* Do they make good guard dogs? 
* How are they with children? 
* Do Labrador Retrievers like to swim? 
* What is the difference between Labrador and Yellow Labrador

Price: $8.75 U.S.D.

Cover for 'Kelpie, Australian Sheep Dog Tips and Training Techniques' Kelpie - Australian Sheep Dog Tips & Training Techniques by Ken Dunn

* The Kelpie is an Australian sheep dog successful at mustering & droving with little or no command guidance.
* They are medium-sized dogs and come in a variety of colours.
* Kelpies have been exported throughout the world: used to muster livestock, primarily sheep, cattle & goats.

* The breed has been separated into (two) distinct varieties: 
(A) the show or bench Kelpie, and the ...
(B) working Kelp

Price: $8.65 U.S.D.

Cover for 'Doberman Pinscher Training and Care' Doberman Pinscher Training & Care by Ken Dunn

What sort of a Temperament do they have? 
How much grooming do they need? 
Are Doberman Pinschers Hyper? 
What is Butt-Tucking? 
Do they make good guard dogs?
How are they with children? 
Do Doberman Pinschers like to swim? 
Do they bark a lot? Does a male or female Doberman Pinscher make a better pet?

Price: $8.77 U.S.D.

Cover for 'Your Guide To Owning and Training a Border Collie' Your Guide To Owning & Training a Border Collie by Ken Dunn

Your Guide to Owning & Training a Border Collie! 

The Border Collie Lovers Guide

Discover the Secrets that will Guarantee that Your Border Collie is ...
given the best upbringing currently available by using these 'Foolproof Methods'

Price: $8.75 U.S.D.


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