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Deforestation: A Human Evil

  The world paints a grim picture of barren lands and forests. Sadly, it is the work of human hands that deforestation and other earth destroying actions are rising in pace; and the only one who can halt all these activities are the humans themselves. How and when to stop will be two of the questions that will need urgent answers. If such acts will not be controlled, the earth could turn out to be a wasted land in no time.

Perhaps the ones who dare cut tress and kill all else that inhabit them can be named as the evils of our world. After all, no humane creature can ever do such an obliterating act when he knows in his thoughts that it is practically biological killing. Also, a sane mind wouldn't think of harming anyone or anything. Only a monster can do insignificant slaughter for the profit of oneself. You wouldn't want to be named that monster, do you?

Deforestation For Profit

Everyday we see pictures over the internet and the television depicting the wipe-out of forest lands. Did we ever get to question ourselves why such things happen and who are responsible for these acts? Perhaps it is not because we care less about what's happening; it's more of being weak to even stop something this big from happening. But, remember, huge things become possible even if they started small.

Deforestation is one means of earning a living. Yes, this is a sad reality. Since the forest is home to many trees and other significant resources, people have found it to be an avenue to make money. For example, some of the furniture that we use at home have probably been crafted from the forests. How does this happen?

Established furniture companies have been manufacturing their wooden items, surprisingly via legal means, from forests. As to how they get these permits, we do not know. But, one thing’s for sure, they've taken a big cut on probably the biggest forests on the earth and right under our noses!

The other unfortunate thing is that some of the people who should be the key caretakers of the earth allow them to happen. Given our position, it is frustrating to be in a stand where you can do nothing but sit down and wait for graver things to happen. All is not lost, however.

People must remember than even in small ways they can put a halt to the continuing destruction of the earth. If everyone unites to support the green movement, we might just stop these monsters from profiting from our forests. Remember, it is not only unto them that the earth has been entrusted, but to all others, as well.

Reversing Deforestation

Probably, stopping deforestation or reversing an already damaged land is one of the hardest things to do. In reality, one has to be powerful enough to get in control of the situation. However, if we render an ample amount of support to the movements that fight against deforestation and believe in the restoration of the earth, we can go hand in hand with nature.

Try picturing this out: if each individual would contribute even a small effort, there would be bigger possibilities that the earth will be saved. No matter how small your labors may be, they would surely mean a lot in the restoration of our disturbed natural resources.


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