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Birth Control Through the Times

  Birth control is and has always been one of the most celebrated and controversial topics in the history of man. It is because in almost all eras and generations, people have always had opposing beliefs on it.

In the bible after the great flood that wiped out almost all of human existence, God made a promise that no matter what happens he will not ever again destroy what he created. He also told Noah and his children to go forth and multiply.

Now I donít know if the idea was to populate the world or just simply multiply without thinking about anything but one thing is for sure. We are successful in multiplying fast. In the United States alone population is expected to grow up to 12 million births in 2025, some people think that we still have a long way to go until 2025 but when you think about it how many infants are born every year and with the rapidly depleting resources that we have here on our planet just imagine what could happen in 2025.

People have become conscious of this reality a long time ago, in fact people as far as the age of ancient Egypt have become aware of the drastic effect of a growing population and depleting resources. Ancient Egyptians have the earliest records of recorded instructions on how to make contraceptive pessary. Other early forms of contraceptives are coitus interruptus and ingestion of herbs that are believed to be abortifacient.

Though the threats of overpopulation are real, the concept of birth control still remains to be one of the taboos of modern society. Advocates, religious organizations and private citizens that are against birth control call it an abomination of what God has given. But even with the antagonism of some people, it has stopped the rise and move of birth control.

In present times, to balance out the grievances of the pro-birth control sector and the anti-birth control sector, a truce has been drawn between the two and they left the decision to the people. Because of this development people can now freely choose which method they like to use.

There are a lot of methods of birth control available to people nowadays.

There are two kinds of birth control approaches available to couples, first one is the artificial method (this is he method that is raising controversy in some sectors) and the Natural method (said to be where Pro and Anti compromised) both methods can be learned and applied any time during the course of the couples relationship.

Some of the commonly known artificial methods are Physical method, barrier method, hormonal, intrauterine method and Ormeloxifene (Centchroman). These methods involve intake of hormones that hinder the sperm from reaching the egg cell, using a physical barrier to prevent the transfer of sperms and operating on the reproductive organ to divert the pathway the sperm of the egg cell is taking.

These are the methods that some anti-birth control advocates call playing God, since we deviate the natural occurrence from happening.

Natural birth control is also available to people who do not believe that science should dip their fingers in the natural ways of man. Some of the methods include behavioral methods, fertility awareness, coitus interruptus, avoiding vaginal intercourse and abstinence during fertile weeks.

Natural or artificial the important thing about birth control is not how people do it but why, if you take a look at our present situation some families barely make enough to get their children through high school.

Some families are too broke to afford three square meals a day. Without a doubt birth control is needed in our present society for us to provide the next generation a better future.


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