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AIRE Sea Tiger Inflatable Kayak

With our best-in-the-business 10-year warranty, AIRE is our line of premium, U.S.-made rafts, kayaks and catarafts. Constructed of Ferrari's patented Precontraint PVC fabric and urethane AIREcells, they set the standard for durability, performance and innovation.


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AIRE ... Sea Tiger Inflatable Kayak!

Product Description

Aire Sea Tiger Inflatable Kayak - Tested and approved by saltwater paddlers from the sunny coasts of Kauai to the icy waters of Antarctica, the Sea Tiger is a boat for any water. Designed for two paddlers, it can accommodate a solo boater as well. With its fast, v-shaped hull, the Sea Tiger delivers the stability and handling performance you demand in an ocean-going kayak. A durable urethane air cell is encased in rugged PVC. The self-bailing floor eliminates the need for hard-to-use bilge pumps while the rudder makes for excellent tracking.

The stability for fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving is excellent. Comfy Cheetah seats offer great back support, plus a storage pocket and bottle holder. They'll even double as a camp chair!

Plenty of cargo tie-down attachment points make it easy to tie in gear to the bow and stern. The Sea Tiger delivers the stability and handling performance you demand in an ocean-going kayak, plus the ability to deflate it and store it in your trunk or closet.

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 62 pounds
  • ASIN: B0000APU38


  • Rust-proof zippers and hardware
  • Rudder
  • Two Cheetah chairs


  • Length: 18'

  • Load Capacity: 700

  • Width: 36"

  • Weight: 62

  • Tube Diameter: 10.5'

  • Air Chambers: 3

  • Bow/Stern Rise: 9"

  • Base Fabric: 1100

  • Waterline: 144"

  • Material Weight Oz/Yd: 24 / 27


by: Jim Boyle

My wife and I have paddled our 10 year old Sea Tiger over 1500 miles on most of the class II rivers of France, England's entire Thames R. from source to London and all over Ireland...entirely on public transportation!

The Sea Tiger goes in one Eagle Creek rolling duffle bag and the 4 piece break down Aquabound paddles, pfds, and usual light weight camping gear go in the second rolling duffle. Two mid weight soft backpacks complete our "luggage" and with this set up we are 100% (slowly) mobile through airports, train & bus stations and use an occasional taxi to reach our put in.

Two days to two weeks later we arrive at our take out, the Sea Tiger is dried (inside and out for weight) and returns to it's duffle bag for train and or it's air flight home. The Sea Tiger carries the two of us and carefully prioritized "backpack" style camping gear down class I-II rivers.

In 1500 miles of use up and down rural and urban river banks we are yet to patch the boat! We always fly two small flags on the bow, the US flag and the flag of the country we are visiting... you cannot overstate the interest this rig generates as we pull into foreign towns and campsites. Nobody can believe that this style of travel is possible... without the Sea Tiger it would be impossible.

I am not saying that with this's easy to transit train stations etc... but my wife and I are both over 60 and we DO it. Because no matter how physically challenging the transportation might become ...once you get the Sea Tiger on the river... the work is over and the poetry begins. I view the Sea Tiger as transformational. It has taken us to places and to unbelievable experiences that I did not even imagine existed. GREAT BOAT!


AIRE Sea Tiger Inflatable Kayak

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